Slow Cooker Recipes for Normal Life

Have you ever had those days that not matter how quickly you get things done there just isn’t enough time?  Yea!  Me too, like every single day.  I can zoom around like Superwoman and it seems like I got absolutely nothing done.  Maybe it’s just because my kids go behind me and create 3 more loads of laundry, make the floor look like it hasn’t been swept in 3 weeks, and my animals shed like crazy.  Seriously, how are they not bald yet?  I am counting down the days that my kids can do all of the chores for me.  Although I should probably stop counting and get more work done.  A mom can dream right?


Okay let us get to why we are all here, food.  Simple food.  The easiest meals to ever be created.  Let us all take a moment and thank the slow cooker gods above.


Getting a slow cooker, well a modern one, has been the best thing I have ever decided to do.  If you haven’t read my last post, I currently own the Hamilton Beach Set & Forget  6qt Programmable Slow Cooker with Temperature Probe.  Seriously the best investment I have ever made.  I also want to mention that is currently the lowest price I have ever seen it on Amazon right now at $44.54.  I suggest jumping on this quickly before the price goes back up.  Clicking on my link above will take you directly to its page on Amazon.  As always, with the Amazon Prime membership, this item qualifies for free 2-day shipping.


Okay, enough about the canvas that allows me to make so many master pieces easily, lets talk recipes.  Below I have listed recipes I have tested and have found to be absolutely amazing.  As with any recipe, adjust its ingredients to fit your family.  I will certainly throw in mine as suggestions.


(Click on the name of the recipe {in yellow} to open a new page with the recipe on it)


First up we have BBQ Drumsticks

Seriously some amazing chicken going on here.  This is only the second time I have made drumsticks in the slow cooker and I was amazed at how tender and juicy the chicken was and how easily it fell off the bone.  When the hubby eats seconds, you’ve done something right.  Needless to say he wanted thirds that night.  This will continue as a recipe in our house.  Instead of making the BBQ sauce as the recipe stated, I just used BBQ sauce I already had in the fridge.  I would think any BBQ sauce would work.  Although, I do want to try making the sauce next time.  The rub made me question myself while making it until I tasted it.  It will be used on other meats as well.  It is that good.


Next we have our 21 Day Fix Chicken Noodle Soup

Now most people will derail here, but hear me out.  This soup is some of the BEST I have ever had.  Most recipes in diet plans lack flavor.  Not this one.  It is bold, it is flavorful, and it is yummy.  When your kids ask to have it again the next day and you actually make it again the next day, it must be good.  I highly recommend this soup.  Unlike most soups, this one is not high in sodium and is actually good for you.  Hello eating healthy and not even trying to.  This soup is perfect when sick, cold, or just because.  It is certainly my go to soup.  You can never go wrong with it.


If you like BOLD, this recipe is for you, Pesto Lemon Pepper Chicken

This recipe is full of flavor and make an amazing summer cookout recipe.  The recipe calls for drumsticks but I just used boneless skinless chicken breasts.  For the Pesto, I used Barilla Traditional Pesto.  That stuff is simply amazing.  Try mixing a jar of it with 8oz of cream cheese and 1/2 cup of hot water tossed with cheese tortellini.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.  For the lemon pepper seasoning, I used the McCormick Lemon Pepper Seasoning.


This hearty meal is sure to please.  Try out The Perfect Crock Pot Roast

This meal is amazing.  Sure, everyone has their certain way of making a roast, but this one is so simple and so easy.  If you do go to make this recipe, make sure you watch the video.  It will make you laugh.  I do recommend using the chuck roast as it does have more flavor but I have also used a rump roast and it was just as good with a little more seasoning.


If you liked the last recipe, you are going to love this one too.  Garlic Butter Chicken and Veggies!

The butter and thyme give this recipe the flavor it needs all while slow cooking to perfection all day long.  The chicken comes out super juicy and tender and bursting with flavor.  The potatoes are cooked perfectly.  The carrots are a favorite in my house.  I highly recommend this recipe, in fact, it is on our menu for tomorrow, again!


Just in case the last few chicken recipes were not enough, here is another.  Chicken and Stuffing.

This became a favorite in my house because the kids and Mr. C seem to love stuffing.  So this quickly became a favorite just by mentioning the name.  This is actually a stuffing I like and will willingly eat because it does not come out dry.  It comes out very moist and flavorful.  It adds flavor to the chicken and just becomes a hearty meal.  Throw in a quick veggie and BAM!  Dinner.


This is all I have for today.  These seem to be a big hit so I will continue doing them.  If you can’t tell, my slow cooker and I have a special relationship.  It is unbreakable.


If you have not tried Amazon’s Prime Pantry, I highly recommend it, by the way.  I have another post that talks all about Amazon’s services they offer that comes with your Prime membership, even the free 30-day trial.  Go check it out here.


If there is a certain recipe you are interested in, type of food, or new ideas, throw them my way.  I will try them out for you and give you a heads up.  You can always leave a comment here or message me on Facebook for quicker responses.  I do have a Dirty Rice post I am working on so stay tuned for that to hit.  Have a great day!  Stay Blessed!






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