Christmas Rush!

Are you one of those people who shops early and is done with the Christmas list by September? Or are you like me and wait until the absolute last minute? Here it is a week until Christmas and I still have people to buy gifts for. I did manage to go a little frugal this year and make gifts for most of my family. Although I cannot post what it is as they are probably reading this, I will share them in a post after Christmas so you can all get started early in 2017.  Im trying to help. Is it working?
Why is it some of us procrastinate Christmas shopping? If we didn’t wait, we wouldn’t stress as much. We wouldn’t have to fight the crowds. We wouldn’t have to shove bills around to make it all work out just before the big day. I always tell myself, “I’m going to start early this year”.  It never happens. I know I’m lying to myself as soon as the thought crosses my brain.  I know it will most likely never happen.  I can hope though, right? 
So this post was really made just to remind you that you now have exactly 1 week until Christmas.  If you haven’t even thought about what to get someone, like my other half, then now is the time because you are quickly approaching the deadline. 
I hope you all have a wonderful and merry Christmas. If I do not see you before then, my blessings are with you and yours.  


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